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Advertise/find calls for artists, arts and culture job openings, studio space, lessons, event musicians, new and gently used equipment and supplies, etc.



Go Art! Seeks Sponsors


Power of the Arts is partnering with WRTA to put local artists’ works on the outside of buses. Sponsorship businesses and nonprofits are being sought to sponsor individual designs. The cost of the sponsorship depends on the size of the panel selected by the sponsor. Prices range from $140 for a 21”x59” panel to $3400 for a 8’x8.5’ full wrap. The business or nonprofit logo will be included in the design, and sponsors and artists will be invited to a reception.


A unique aspect of the project is that sponsors may, if they choose to, champion a particular artist, medium or theme.  For example, a camera shop might sponsor a work of photography; an ethnic society might seek artists of a particular ethnic heritage; a food-based business might seek a design that incorporates food; a school may sponsor a middle school artist or graduate of that school. 


WRTA buses will become a traveling museum, visible throughout our neighborhoods. We hope artists of all ages will be encouraged to continue creating, knowing the arts are valued and appreciated in our community. Sponsorship deadline is November 30. Register here. After all sponsorships are in, POA will put out a call for artists.


Power of the Arts, Lit Youngstown & Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership: Call For Poems

Power of the Arts, Lit Youngstown and Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership seek poems from Trumbull and Mahoning County-affiliated poets. The winning poems will be painted on murals, one each in Warren and Youngstown. The deadline for submissions is December 1.


To qualify, a poet must have an affiliation with the counties, such as being a current resident, or current or former student. There is no length specification, but shorter, more succinct poems (or excerpt of a poem) are preferred. The contest is open to poets of any age. Winning poems must be appropriate for readers of all ages. Poems will be judged blindly, and the winner selected by an outside poet. Only one single poem per poet will be accepted for submission.


The murals will be designed and painted by students of YSU painting professor Dragana Crnjak. Mural sites have not yet been selected. Send submission to The literary murals will be funded through an IOBY campaign, which will also fund paid internships for students to work at qualifying arts and culture nonprofits. 


WarrenWire Seeks Community Event Listings

From can’t-miss daytime events to the most popular nightlife entertainment options in town, is THE place to visit to learn what’s going on in and around Warren, Ohio. is a one-stop, easy-to-use resource that keeps you up-to-date on all community events of note. There’s always something to do in Warren, and this website captures it all so you won’t miss it.

Consider us a user’s guide to community events. promotes growth and tourism in Trumbull Country while also supporting local businesses and non-profits in the area.

Live music, sports, arts and more We wish to construct an identity for Warren that highlights the outstanding creatives that draw people into the city for live music, sports, the arts and more. strives to make the city feel like home to anyone who visits.

The Ohio Arts Council Online Visual  Artists Registry​

View the works of over 1,900 artists (and the database is growing every week) from Ohio and around the world, representing all kinds of art. It's all computerized, cross-referenced and, best of all, accessible from your home, office or local library. Just what you need to help find the artist and the artwork you're looking for. And it's free. Register here.​

Who will use the Online Artists Registry?

Collectors. Designers. Architects. Curators. Journalists. Juries. Gallery Owners. Art enthusiasts of all kinds. In short, anyone looking for fresh and vibrant work from visual artists.

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